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How to Choose The Right Garage Door For Your Needs

A garage door is probably the first thing anyone notices when he looks at your home. Garage doors are essential, not only do they make your house look appealing; it provides necessary shelter to your car and other materials. An average American household spends around $1100 dollars on a garage door. However, this cost is inclusive of materials, labor and installation charges. The contractor team at “St. Paul Garage Door Repair” compiled a comprehensive guide for you to help save money while buying a garage door.

1. Choose the Right Material There is a wide variety of materials to choose from-

a.     Aluminum- Aluminum doors are light weight. The price of aluminum itself is quite low which makes an aluminum garage door affordable. However, aluminium isn’t a sturdy material and is more prone to dents. Families that have kids should seldom install aluminum garage door as such doors can be easily dented by toys and other small materials.

b.      Fiberglass- Fiberglass is itself light in weight. It offers various customizable designs and graffiti options on the door are limitless. But the main drawback of installing a fiberglass is that is cracks under cold temperatures. So people living in areas which face a hot climate throughout the year should install fiberglass garage door but it won’t be the best option for people living in colder, drier conditions.

c.      Wood- Though wood is the durable material, it is quite expensive. Wooden garage doors look beautiful and regal. The durability of the wood depends upon its cost. An expensive wooden door would be more durable and sturdy as compared to a cheaper substitute. Readers should take note that installing a wooden garage door would require regular maintenance and should be guarded against rains..

2. Looks:

Since the garage door is the focal point of your house’s looks, it is quite necessary that the door looks nice and beautiful. The garage door should have a nice color and must look durable. The color of the door is customizable and can be set according to the house’s color or according to the owner’s taste.

3. Money:

Choosing the right garage door is quite important. It must fit right into your budget and must not require regular maintenance or repair. Choosing the right material will highly affect the overall cost of the door. So make sure that the money should be invested in the right material. Also, readers should remember that if a door is costly, it would require less maintenance and repair in the coming years.

4. Automatic or Semi Automatic:

Garage doors can be automatic and semi automatic. Choosing the right type is essential as it also factors in on the cost. If your house has kids or elderly people, try opting for an automatic one. Automatic doors open and close at the click of a button would be a hassle free task for the kids. However, a semi automatic door has its own perks. Such doors are immune to electrical failures and seldom require maintenance.


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