Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage door spring is a part of the garage door, but it isn’t the part of your garage door opener. Because many times customers just get confused & complain that the opener is not working. We have seen companies take advantage of customers when they have just a broken garage door spring, but a company charges them for more than just that and you end up paying hefty charges.Broken silver garage door spring with a wood background behind the broken chrome spring.

We on the other hand will inspect your garage door & come to you with the news that your opener is working fine but your garage door spring needs a repair. Generally breaking of a garage door spring usually is a sudden activity. You might not be able to suspect this thing beforehand & run into a problem just when you don’t expect it to be. But our same day services have got your back. You can call us & our expert will be there on the same day.


Generally the springs last for a long time but eventually with sustaining several fluctuations in temperature & weather it breaks when it reaches its ultimate tension point. Sometimes a bad service or delayed routine check also increases the wear & tear & results into broken garage door springs.

You knowing the type of your broken garage door spring can drastically reduce the time of replacement of the springs. But our highly experienced experts know it all, so you don’t need to worry about that. Just call us and your problem is solved in the same day itself. Most of the time when the spring is broken you’ll notice that your garage door opener is making loud noises or if you are witness to the event you will hear the loud sound of the breaking of the spring. Most of the time only one spring breaks at a time making your door 5 times heavier than before, and the door gets stuck in the middle. At such times you should inform all your family members not to go near the door & Give us a Call at 612-400-8530 as soon as you can.

We can service all types of springs, of any make or model of your garage door. Basically, there are two types of garage door springs:

  • Extension Springs (Mounted horizontally above the door on the adjacent walls) – extension springs have a safety cable running from inside the spring so that it prevents the door from running down heavily.
  • Torsion Springs (Mounted parallel alongside the door running from door start to end) – these are generally wounded on metal rods to stop the door from slipping away in the case of damage.

Here are some safety warnings for a broken garage door spring:

  • When you witness the spring break of the garage door, do not go near the door as it may come down suddenly. Inform all your family members about the incident so the kids do not play with the heavy garage door.
  • Never detach or disconnect your opener machine from the spring, as it will release the door & it will make an impact with its free falling several pounds of weight.
  • Call our service as soon as you can & wait for express assistance.
  • Never engage yourselves in pulling the broken garage door up or down, it can severely harm you.


When you have to call us, you don’t need to Worry, Because we are just a call Away! Call us today for your garage door spring repair at 612-400-8530.