Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cables are the actual parts that lift your garage door up & hold their weight.  They usually have the least lifespan in all of the parts, because of constant tension & the break down over years of wear and tear. Basically, a garage door cable is made of several singular metal wires wound together to form strands & then these strands again are wound together to form the cable.

This cable plays a very vital role in the functionality of your garage door as it runs down from above and is attached to bottom most bracket on your garage door. This cable is then wound around and turns on a rotating drum. The type of cable also depends & changes according to the type of spring system used in your garage door mechanism.

Garage Door Cable Drum with a garage door cable tangled around it.

In an extension spring system the cables are passed through the inside of the spring, so as to avoid direct falling of your garage door on the ground. In a torsion spring system, the cable drum is mounted above the door and the cable runs along with the spring. Generally, when the springs of the garage door are broken the cables take the sudden jerk & bears the full weight of the door.

The broken garage door cable is the most dangerous element to deal with because of the tension in it. So, if anyone looking for garage door cable repair in St.Paul, Minnesota, just call us today at 612-400-8530 and we will be on our way to help you.

Especially in the rainy season, if you’ve skipped your routine services for the garage door, there are high chances of getting your cable rusty leading it to the breaking point due to wear and tear. The cable should always remain lubricated. If there is a lack of lubrication the system will create unpleasant noises while operating and will irritate you every time you operate the garage door.

Because of our highly rated service and professionally trained experts understand the value of safety, we advise you to call us immediately as you come across a broken cable of your garage door. Our technician will be on your site in time; he will check and determine the exact size & type of cable you require. As we have almost all types of parts in our inventory we carry them with us to your place, and the service professional will replace it in no time & you are on your way!

Many websites on the internet will also tell you about how you can change the cable yourselves and don’t need any expert to do that. Basically, they are telling you to just compromise your safety for saving only a few bucks. Also even if you do it yourselves you will not be sure if it has been done properly or not. Why take the chance when we are just a call away!

So call us today & our expert will reach you on time every time! We guarantee you that it will be done quickly and safely.

Heard the sound of a breaking cable, just call us at 612-400-8530 & Forget the Tension!