Commercial Garage Door Repair

Unlike the residential garage doors, commercial garage door panels can be much longer & have much taller heights. They also come in various types like commercial door grills, trolley & side mount opener doors. Sometimes due to their size, commercial garage door handling requires professional equipment, such as overhead cranes & professional power tools. Many services claim to have experience with repairing commercial garage doors, but they don’t have the right tools to do it. They will often send only the repair man & ask you for the tools. You might get stuck in this & will be charged for their visiting fees without having your work done. Sometimes the garage door services also use sub-contracted servicemen to service your commercial garage door & they will never show up on time. But if you are in or nearby the St. Paul area, you have just got lucky finding us! Give us a call today to schedule your FREE onsite estimate at 612-400-8530.Garage Door Technician standing on top of a scissor lift while repairing a tall steel commercial garage door.

We completely understand the needs of commercial garage door repair & hence own a set of different tools & professional equipment that are specially designed to service your big & long commercial garage doors. As we serve you only with our directly employed trained expert technician, we assure you we are the best you can find for repair or installation of your commercial garage door. Major parts that can go wrong in your commercial garage doors are listed here for your convenience:

So if you can keep tab on the creaky noises coming from the above parts, you just have to inform us. With help of our professional tools we can repair any type or make of commercial garage door within the same day you called us. With our Free Onsite estimates you can conclude & make decisions fast.

It is strongly recommended by us that you do not try to repair the commercial garage door yourself, as it is heavy & possess a direct threat of having any unwanted incident onsite. However we advise that if you observe a broken garage door on your commercial working site, clear the area first & call us right away at 612-400-8530. We will be there in no time & ensure your commercial garage door is up & running safely again.

Our expert at the time of commercial garage door repair will show you the actual cause of breakage like springs, chain, cables or even disturbed tracks, and explain the estimate of repair service & with your approval will repair it the same day without wasting time to gather the broken parts. He will be there with his fully equipped vehicle that will save you the time & your business is back on track again.

Sometimes because of frequent uses, an old commercial garage door can require just a routine service. If this is needed, our expert will be there in no time to check your door, lubricate the necessary parts, Inspect the functionality of your commercial garage door & will tell you if there is any need of getting it repaired.

Don’t hesitate & do not bear that metal crying sound anymore! Call us today at 612-400-8530 and get it fixed soon!