Commercial Garage Door Installation

When it comes to the installation of a new commercial garage door, we are the best option available in the St. Paul area. Why do we say that? Ask our many satisfied customers who have highly recommended & highly rated our commercial garage door installation service. Unlike a household garage door, a commercial garage is a door that isGarage Door Technician standing on a blue ladder installing a commercial garage door. pulled up & down many times in a day.

Also, this garage door being a commercial garage door, it generally happens that workers & vehicle loading & unloading guys at the loading-unloading stations stand just under the over hung garage door all throughout the day. In such times, it is very important to have a worry free garage door from their safety point of view.

With our professional power tools & equipment, we are just a call away from you. A commercial garage door needs to be treated differently while installing it & all safety precautions & procedures are to be taken into consideration.

An untrained person while installing a commercial garage door misses an important installation tip, this could lead to an unwanted incident on the site which you never expected. This could even become the cause of the temporary shutdown of the work site & then one thing leads to other which can hamper your companies’ productivity. We offer services for all types of commercial buildings such as schools, colleges, institutions, shopping malls and government as well as private offices. Our team has experience of catering to all types of automated as well as manual garage doors for these commercial buildings.

Here are some steps that our technicians follow in order to give you the best commercial garage door installation in St. Paul:

  • Understanding your requirement on phone as clearly as possible.
  • Getting prepared beforehand to avoid any delay on site.
  • Schedule the appointment as per your availability.
  • Confirming the availability of all the special tools and equipment that might be required for installation.
  • After reaching your commercial site, the experts will check and inspect the old door system to finalize the tear-down steps.
  • If altogether new, he will directly go for inspection of the received new garage door kit.
  • Will confirm you and make you aware about the missing parts or damaged parts, if any.
  • Finalize the total scope of work and provide you the Free Onsite Estimate at 612-400-8530.
  • Once you show thumbs up! The physical work will start.
  • After installation, our expert will check & service the new parts for durability.
  • The newly installed door will be tuned up suitable to your use.
  • The trained professional will explain the workings of your newly installed commercial garage door.
  • Provide you the tips about the safety precautions and will definitely ask you for feedback.

Once done, your good to use your new commercial garage door. In the case of your garage door being a customized one, our highly trained professional garage door installation expert will definitely explain you the critical areas you need to take care of your garage door, and you will be good to go.

Call us at 612-400-8530 for your Exclusive Commercial Garage Door Service Now!